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29-Oct-2017 01:44

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But what should be the age difference between them? However, my focus actually is to create a balance here and to help those who are in such relationships where the woman is older than the man to actually get things right.

Several relationships where the woman is older than the man - especially in Africa - are facing rejections, oppositions, and mockery because people feel such relationships are against norms, and they should not be accepted. Like I said earlier, this may not really be an issue in the Western world, because of the 'anything goes' kind of life people live over there and the freedom of choice the constitution has given everyone.

I guess you cannot be so sure, and I believe God did not create any other thing after the sixth day.

Therefore, Adam and Eve could have been created the same day. Like I said earlier, it is a generally accepted norm that men should be older than their wives.

Women are now just dipping their fingers into this particular cookie jar that has been labelled a taboo for quite too long. I decided to take a walk on the wild side, and now I know why men are so obsessed with younger women.

I know rumours abound about how dating a younger man is overrated and overly glamourised, and that younger men are childish and all. The experience put me in touch with the bedrock truth.

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Come with me as I make my opinion known to you in this article.

I understand that love transcends all the mockery, rejections and any ugly thing you might face, yet there is need for critical consideration.