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Hmm, that's actually not a terrible idea…Hey, the world is Corinne's oyster. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope she has time for extracurricular activities she loves so dearly, like napping.

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isn't slowing down at all when it comes to the entertainment world. Corinne is creating a dating show, but it's probably not what you think.

She recently revealed that she'll be working behind-the-scenes and on-camera for a non-reality series that will “be about dating in the millennial world that we're in.” You know what they say… Corinne has been doing her thing and making the press rounds over the past few weeks -- she had an in-studio interview with Chris Harrison for that allowed her to tell her side of the story of the whole De Mario debacle last week.

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Olympios will pull double duty, appearing both in front of the camera and behind it.

She told the Daily Beast that she'll use her own personal experiences as well as those of her pals for the show's sure-to-be twisting plot lines.

Since 2012 Startup Grind has hosted 5,000 events for more than 200,000 entrepreneurs.

In 2009 Derek founded Vaporware Labs, incubating many products including Startup Grind and professional social network Commonred, which was acquired by in 2012.

Once the boss goes back into the office and slams the door shut, the secretary shouts with joy exclaiming, "YAHOO! Yahoo's logo today and the one they originally used in 1996 is virtually identical minus a drop shadow and some pixels.