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27-Nov-2017 18:22

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Instead, consumers were billed repeatedly for to 0 a month.Along with violating ROSCA, the companies were accused of violating the Electronic Fund Transfer Act by debiting consumers' accounts without written authorization.The FTC reached a settlement with JDI Dating Ltd., which runs a series of dating websites.Along with creating fake profiles so consumers thought they were hearing from potential love interests rather than made-up people, their subscriptions were automatically renewed without their consent at a cost of to a month.First prosecutions under new law In October 2014, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pursued two cases under the Restore Online Shoppers' Confidence Act, or ROSCA -- the first cases since the law was enacted in 2010.It prevents companies from charging consumers for an online transaction unless all terms are clearly disclosed and the company has received the consumer's informed consent.If you aren't vigilant when you sign up for a great magazine subscription deal or a free trial offer on health care products, it could haunt you for months or years, ringing up endless charges on your credit card through automatic renewals.

Sanders says, "In light of all of the data breaches recently, companies should be allowed to keep and store consumers' credit card information only if the consumer actively chooses an auto-renewal." Much of the controversy centers around the practice of "negative option" renewals, in which your credit card is automatically charged for a particular good or service unless you specifically opt out.Then you can dispute the charges through your credit card issuer."If a consumer is unable to resolve a billing issue with a merchant, he or she can file a claim with Chase if they used a Chase card," spokesman Rob Tacey says.In many cases, consumers sign up for low-priced subscriptions, free trial offers, annual memberships or recurring services without realizing that after the initial period ends, charges for the goods and services will continue to be billed to their credit cards.

In other cases, consumers will agree to the terms, but can't figure out how to stop the charges if they no longer want the product or service.

So if Bank of America issues you a new credit card because of a data breach, the Internet security software that automatically renews to your credit card each year will find your new card number and continue uninterrupted, Budde says.