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20-Sep-2017 10:09

Full electric cars are exempt from paying RUC until 2020.

If you need help, call the RUC Contact Centre on 0800 655 644.

This depends on the nature of the loads they carry and their choice of vehicle.

The marginal changes, however, are relatively small compared to total truck operating costs and the change affects all operators who carry similar loads equally.

There are also time savings for all transport business operators through the simplification of RUC licence purchases and less complex roadside enforcement checks.

The new definition of weight does not have a significant impact on how light vehicles are classified or charged under the RUC system.

Supplementary licences were removed from the RUC system.

Additional charges now apply for: Vehicles that are used consistently to carry overweight loads have the option of having a special “H vehicle” type RUC licence.

It was difficult to predict the weight to be carried in advance and scales were not always available at loading sites.

We also consulted other government departments and agencies (including the Treasury, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Development and the Privacy Commission) on the contents of the Act. Cabinet make the decisions about who will take responsibility for different parts of the RUC system.