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11-Jun-2017 06:53

Violence in superhero movies is overall pretty tame, but Deadpool isn’t afraid to shoot and stab his way through enemies.

Hatred was rated Adults Only in North America by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, meaning that it won't be coming to consoles without the developer making some changes.

For more on the game, check out Game Spot's previous coverage of Hatred.The second half of the book follows the kids as adults, and Lin confirms that their plan is to make a sequel about the adults assuming the first movie is a success. has been gaining momentum and a strong following for months now.The four ratings are None, Mild, Moderate, and High.

There is also a fifth category called DIRT, explained more below.

Note that the ratings all have handy color-coded graphics so you can identify the ratings with just a quick glance: green for none, yellow for mild, orange for moderate, red for high, and black for DIRT.

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