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13-Jul-2017 03:50

Read the app's privacy policy to find out more about the types of information collected and shared.

" / is one of the world's most widely used social-networking platforms.

Apps like Mobike, which have a full English app, are available only in Chinese in the Mini Program format.

We Chat's Mini Programs makes apps shareable and bypasses the need to download an app from an app store.

There are also built-in stickers and games, some of which are free and many of which are available for in-app purchase.

Know that there are some built-in features that make your location discoverable and your content shareable with people nearby, and there are also plenty of opportunities to connect with strangers.

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We Chat’s success has been powered by the platform’s mobile payment service, Wechat Pay, which assists with every aspect of a user’s life – from shopping for clothes and hailing taxis, to organising hospital appointments and ordering food deliveries.Australia is a popular destination for Chinese tourists and students and it was one of the first offshore markets We Chat Pay targeted.